Thursday, April 11, 2013

“Lean In” Networking Expert, Diane Darling joins Miami Public Speakers

What women can do to join the old boys network and what old boys can do to survive

It was about 8:30 am on gorgeous Saturday morning in Washington DC. Hosted by the Women's Bar Association and Ms. JD, the nervous law students were prepping for an intense day of workshops. Not your typical legal ones instead the topics included:  self-confidence, communication, and networking. 

Seasoned attorneys – known as “the faculty” – wandered in after their orientation. The women attorneys stayed in the back of the room their eyes glancing for empty seats along the aisles. One of the men attorneys politely pointed to an empty seat in the middle of a row. The woman shook her head. He shrugged his shoulders and sat down. 

Less than 48 hours earlier I had seen Sheryl Sandberg speak about her book and initiative “Lean In.”

Why did the woman stand back? 

Diane speaks to Oracle - Photo Credit: Boston Globe


Published author and communications expert, Diane Darling, has been speaking on the topic of networking for over 10 years. That’s before Facebook even existed. 

Her speaking style is engaging, informative, and inspiring. People laugh and learn. She has recently joined Miami Speakers Bureau and is available for conferences, sales meetings, fundraisers, and career centers to help people (both men and women) take charge of their professional life. She's considered an expert speaker and is very well respected as a woman speaker that can also cater to men.

Past clients include:  Ernst & Young, Harvard Business School, 20th Century Fox, SunTrust, Holland & Knight, American Cancer Society, British Consulate to name a few.
She has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and on NBC Nightly News.

For further information, please contact Miami Public Speakers by clicking the logo below: 

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