Friday, April 12, 2013

Expert Relationship Coach and Speaker - Bruce Starr aka The Luv Coach

Bruce Starr, also known internationally as the original LUVCOACH@AOL.COM has relocated back to South Florida after being away since 1998 when he started his career as a PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER, TELEVISION AND RADIO TALK SHOW HOST AND PRODUCER.
He was first able to use what he learned from his self study on several different philosophies on life to help others in 1993 when he opened a room on America Online called “Relationship Coaching.” In that room, he worked with over six thousand people over a ten year period of time.  He believed he assisted many people with their problems, but as the years went on, he began to realize that he was learning much more from each and every one of the stories told to him by the people on the other side of the monitor.
That ten year experience of which he worked without payment, got him returns in many other ways.  Through that research, he discovered exactly what was preventing the majority of singles from coming together to find love and contentment. He took what he learned and after a ten year effort, completed a 120 page E-book called “Bodytraders, How We Have Become Gameplayers Instead of Lovers.”
He began his radio and television career here in South Florida at the very same time.  In 1993, he started hosting “LUVWORKS with Bruce Starr” on WNN (Winners News Network) 1440 AM radio, one of the most popular South Florida radio stations in the 90’s. He soon also hosted and produced local television programming with the same name and theme. On those shows, he interviewed many of the top speakers, authors and teachers of love and relationships.
He then traveled around North America speaking at churches, temples and community centers to share what he was learning.  After much thought, he then moved out to Los Angeles to write screenplays about relationships.  When he couldn’t get his story produced, he left his relationship work behind and moved to a tropical island where he became known as “Roatanbruce”, the first and only English Radio and Television Voice for the Western Caribbean.
Bruce Starr returned to the South Florida area early in 2012 to what he knows is his true calling. He had dedicated the rest of his life to share what he has learned from his 35 year study, an effort he first began to help him with his own relationships, to now help anyone who wants to rediscover love and live the rest of their lives with a warm, supportive and loving mate.  
The LUVCOACH can speak on many subjects including self esteem, productivity in the workplace and bettering all professional, personal and intimate relationships. Since returning, he has been the Keynote Speaker at several of Al Barry’s South Florida Singles Lifestyle Expos. He speaks again on May 19th at the next event in Boca Raton. He is also back on radio hosting “The LUVCOACH Show” on BlogTalkRadio interviewing guests such as Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of the best-selling book “The Reconnection” as seen on Dr. Oz, Father Joe Girzone, the author of the internationally known “Joshua” series of books and Dr. Earl Mindell, the author of the “Vitamin Bible,” the best-selling book on vitamins and minerals of all time.

When you meet him, ask about his fifteen year relationship, the last nine of which he has been married to his wife Lorin and raising his adopted nine-year old child Kenia.  The LUVCOACH Bruce Starr remains completely committed to help anyone, anywhere in the world find love by showing how to release the negative and destructive conscious or unconscious habits that have left so many feeling rejected, depressed and alone.

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