Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who's Your Favorite Woman Speaker?

Words are so powerful.  

Spoken in the right context, with clarity, power and conviction, words can evoke emotion, influence decisions and persuade myriads of people to do something. All the greatest leaders of the world, the people who are remembered by millions, were not necessarily the smartest or had the most powerful positions or even the most money;  they were excellent communicators and were leaders in their own right.

Sometimes great speakers are associated with a certain cause; like morality, women's rights or trying to unite a country or nation together. Sometimes motivational speakers are opinionated in their own political views and are trying to win votes. Others, are just speakers who inspire hope and trying to improve the quality of life.  One such motivational speaker is Jeanne Robertson.
Top Woman Speaker - Jeanne Robertson
Jeanne Robertson is attractive, imposingly tall at six feet two inches and was the first woman ever to earn the coveted “Cavett award” in 1989 as a top award for professional speakers. She also is listed in the Speakers Hall of Fame, has earned the “Golden Gavel” award from Toastmasters International and is this year's recipient of the 2012 Master of Influence Award given by the National Speaker's Association.  

Her schtick is humor.  She inspires, motivates, uplifts and entertains by her humorous accounting of life with tongue in cheek humor.  Some of her speeches have been entitled, “Don't Bungee jump naked,” and “Don't send a man to the grocery store.”  Jeanne was also the winner of a “Miss Congeniality” award in a Miss America pageant many years ago.  In her words: “waaaaay back!”

Woman motivational speakers who spoke with passion for a cause have many loyal admirers and will be remembered forever.  Margaret Sanger, speaking on behalf of the morality of birth control, still a highly debated subject, used words like “we ask,” with her oratory messages to persuade churches to have more confidence in women, and to reverse opinions that stemmed from fear and ignorance.  Oprah Winfrey is also a good example of a motivational speaker for women everywhere.  She believes the greatest pain in life is to be invisible.  She quotes yet another motivational speaker Maya Angelou with a favorite quote; “When you learn, teach; when you get, give.”

A leader of a country who is of great influence over her followers is Queen Elizabeth II, who although she had many altercations and disapprovals with Princess Diana before her death, recognized the country's need to grieve.  Using the unexpected British Nation's outpouring of love, Queen Elizabeth responded with a speech to the people of Britain, uniting them to cherish Princess Diana's memory and earning their respect in the process.

Who's your favorite woman speaker?

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