Monday, March 11, 2013

Spiritual Speaker - Val Silidiker

Val Silidker

Motivational and Spiritual Speaker Val Silidker is well know for her work as a deep ecologist, community organizer, and transformational catalyst.

Val Silidker is a professional speaker and and expert in the art of exploring the depths of who we are and our relationship to life. 

Val challenges her audiences to utilize self and collective inquiry that invites deep discussions about the possibilities for their potential both as individuals and as a community.

Topics such as (not limited to):

Transformational Leadership
Meditation: 5 Ways That it Will Change Your Life
How to Be Radically Authentic
Power of Story (The Hero Journey)
Exploring our Inner and Outer Worlds
What is Deep Ecology and why you need to know
Compassion and Heart-based Living
Love: Self-love and Falling in Love with Life
Developing Gratitude
The Power of Community Potentiality

Val Silidker has spoken and hosted nationally and internationally for organizations, expos, non-profits, festivals and more for close to 15 years. Her background is in theatre and performance art and she even had a local television show for several years on UPN-33. 

Throughout her speaking presentations her ultimate goal is to create a movement dedicated to building community and uniting individuals who share a common vision: the transformation of our world through gratitude, awareness, compassion and wisdom. Through oneness projects, mindful-living events, featuring music, movement and the arts, gatherings, and workshops focused on personal development, mind/body & ecological awareness.

Val Slidiker helps her audiences create sacred space and opportunities to celebrate life and share our gifts as we learn and evolve together.

If you are looking for a spiritual speaker for your next event in Florida. Val is your gal! 

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