Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marvin DeJean - Futurist and Business Speaker

Futurist Marvin DeJean

Marvin Dejean is a renowned speaker, author, digital marketing strategist at the forefront of the internet revolution. Through his thought provoking and entertaining presentations, Dejean challenges, and engages audiences to view this moment as their greatest opportunity for success.

He is the creator of the “Prime Directive” Leadership Program that helps businesses, individuals, and organizations take the quantum leap to the ever expanding digital marketplace. He is the author of the soon to be released “The Big Bang: Reinventing Yourself in a Time of Chaos and Rapid Change".

Through his information-packed and entertaining presentations, seminars, and keynote speeches, Marvin Dejean delivers high-level, motivational “how-to” techniques to leaders, staff, and organizations on tackling some of their most challenging situations. His profound insights into the world of digital marketing, igniting human potential and individual leadership are in high demand everywhere.

Through his common sense approach, Marvin Dejean provides strategic direction to various multi-national companies seeking to tap into the ever growing need for digital and interactive strategies. His workshops and programs not only demystify the world of online marketing and strategy, but also provide the much needed technical know-how to get started right away. Dejean’s deep insights of the digital marketplace helps companies and individuals position themselves for the future by tapping into both human and technological capital.

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