Thursday, March 28, 2013

Darius Brown - South Florida Youth Motivational Speaker

Darius Brown is a passionate motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, and author. 

He has been inspiring many people through public speaking and positive music for over a decade. He delivers a dynamic level of intensity and inspiration, which compels his audience to effectively listen, fully understand his message, and immediately take action toward a fulfilled and better lifestyle.

Darius Brown specializes in teaching to mainly Christian and youth audiences. He's recognized as one of the fastest rising Christian Youth Motivational Speakers in Florida. He has spoken at several high schools, colleges, community centers, and churches throughout several cities in the U.S., helping many to recognize their gifts and to develop a vision for their lives. His life experiences have influenced his motivational speaking career.

A sample of Darius Brown's past keynote topics include:

  • PURPOSE is Popular
  • Activating your Vision
  • Transformation for Domination

In the roughest part of northern New Jersey, Jersey City, he was raised by a single mother of five boys. When he was 10 years old, he was relocated to Miami, Florida with his family. After moving to South Florida, Darius and his family experienced major financial hardships, being homeless and living with others for years until they found their own place to call home. He expresses these experiences through his speaking engagements to inspire and encourage others to know that despite anything, we can still be victorious in life.

ET the Hip Hop Preacher & Darius Brown

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