Friday, February 17, 2012

February's Featured Public Speaker: Steffany Lee

Who are you?
Steffany Lee

What do you do?
an American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor and have experience in Sales Technique Training

How long have you been speaking professionally?
About a year

Do you do workshops? If so, what kind?
Not the way you are talking about. I teach CPR/First Aid to groups of 5-12

Tell us the story about how you started:
I got started when my door to door sales management team noticed that I had taken persuasion classes and that my trainees were doing better than the average. They asked me to teach a morning class. When one of my female trainees got a male trainee to “blank out” the word NO, I was assigned to teach every female sales and persuasion.

What do you speak about?
The importance of First Aid, CPR and Water Safety for Red Cross and the advantages of persuasion techniques in sales.

Who are your favorite speakers to watch?
Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Robert Allen, Wayne Dyer

What’s the best speech you’ve ever heard?
Right now I can’t think of something

Thank you for this opportunity of exposure.
I want to get into Public Speaking as an employee or contractor for an established speaker.

If you have any opportunities for me please contact me on LinkedIn.

Would you like to be the next featured public speaker?
Then contact us today!

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